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Express Care is an award-winning humanitarian organization that provides information and assistance to low-income families, individuals, immigrants and refugees, offering a support network that is often lacking. A non-profit organization with 501 (c) (3) status, Express Care is located in Herndon, Virginia.


The aims and objectives of Express Care:  

  1. To expand our services nationwide and then worldwide

  2. To provide access to health care

  3. To provide health education, to prevent diseases

  4. To improve the quality of life of women and children

  5. To help low-income families and place them into jobs

  6. To help Immigrants who come to USA

Social Services and Emergency Assistance

  • Assistance in understanding and applying for insurance or alternative healthcare coverage

  • Translation services

  • Scheduling of doctor's appointments

  • Groceries delivered to home-bound, jobless, sick, needy or elderly, and to those requiring short-term immediate support

  • Visits to the sick and elderly

  • Help Immigrants adopt to US life

  • Help with citizenship training

  • Help give scholarships for job trainings

  • Holding Food Drives to help needy families, distributing 4,000 lbs of food at a time.

Empowerment through Training

  • Nursing Training

  • Personal Care Aide Training

  • ESL (English as a Second Language) Training

  • Computer Training

  • CPR and First Aid Training

  • Citizenship Training (in collaboration with Office of Citizenship, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services)

 Social Services

and Emergency Assistance

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Healthy Families 2030

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Empowerment through Training

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Care Connection

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Naila Alam

Co-Founder, Express Care Inc.

Yasmeen Durrani

Co-Founder, Express Care Inc.

Aliya Husain

Board Member

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